3.49 HDX UV Movies


3.49 HDX UV Movies is a great way to start or add to your movie collection in an inexpensive and easy way.  We offer the digital movie code to be redeemed on Vudu using the redeem digital copy tab.  Why pay $19.95 for a copy of the same movie when you can get it for $3.49?

Why HDX?  
SD isn't a bad way to go, if you have an older TV and don't plan on upgrading to a newer one.  If you have an HD TV you are going to want at least HD quality so you can get the full use out of your TV.  HDX adds a higher sound quality to the HD.  It can still be used on any TV or device and creates a better experience.

Why go digital?

If you have a collection of Blu-Ray discs, they have to take up shelf space. They have to be packed up in boxes. If you rip your movies, they fill up your hard drive. You can set up your collection in a browsing-friendly way, but most people tend to arrange their movies in a spine-out way, which means any guests who want to see what films you have available will have to bend their neck 90 degrees to the right to get a good view.

Simply put, digital libraries look way cooler. You can see cover art, explore descriptions, browse through your selection with a phone or tablet. You can watch trailers and even get info on actors or soundtracks while you watch. Blu-Ray players have some of these features, but they also come with a bunch of extra junk. Most Blu-Ray movies have a ton of trailers and unskippable content crammed onto the front end, and loading times are atrocious.

This shouldn’t be big news to us. Netflix is so hugely popular that it’s become a cultural icon for giving us a good-looking digital library that can stream movies on-demand with no unskippable trailers or other junk. Digital libraries are much closer to Netflix than they are to the experience of Blu-Rays and this is a good thing.

Why didn't I get my order right away?  

I personally handle every order myself, so in the case of large orders, rushes and happy sleepy time, there may be a short delay in processing.  You should receive it within 2 hours, but you should definitely have it within 24 hours. Please only redeem the code portion you purchase.  I am using a new distributor foe the 4K movies, so there may me delays on those.  Thank you and happy viewing!

Contact: 349hdx@gmail.com